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Hardscaping is more complicated than neatly laying down some pretty pavers. When done correctly, it doesn’t just look great—it also holds its appearance for many years to come with minimal maintenance.

We don’t cut corners. Ever. We’re technicians and craftsmen who take pride in our work.

We use only top-of-the-line materials and follow the below process to ensure perfect, long-lasting execution of your vision.

STEP 1.Pavers Design & Planning

Meet with your designated ICPI-certified project manager for design consultation, 2-D imaging, and to create the blueprints for your hardscaping

STEP 2.Pre-site Inspection

Follow-up appointment with your project manager to finalize the plans and address any new questions or concerns.

STEP 3.Demolition & Excavation

Demolition of existing hardscaping if necessary

STEP 4.Grading

Grading for water management as needed

STEP 5.Sub Base & Base Compaction

Ground compaction to provide a safe, stable base for your hardscape features

STEP 6.Laying and Cutting in Pavers & Borders

Hardscaping is meticulously laid down to create a flawless appearance

STEP 7.Install Edge Restraint

Prevents pavers from spreading out and separating from one another.

STEP 8.Sand Installation

Addition of jointing sand to complete the interlocking process

STEP 9.Pavers Compaction & Sand Activation

Plate compaction to lock pavers in place for maximum sturdiness and permanence

STEP 10.(Optional) Sealer Application

Sealer is applied to protect the pavers and strengthen the structure (optional)

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